Monday, May 13, 2013

And You're Invited!

Hello everyone! Congratulations on being invited to our wedding. We never would've thought YOU would be invited. But you made the cut! THIS IS THE OFFICIAL INVITE TO OUR WEDDING SO LISTEN UP!

Let's get started with the deets.


We're getting hitched in our hometown of Syracuse, NY on June 29th 2013. Specifically Jess' childhood back yard. We always knew that when we got married it would be here. It's going to be lovely!

4977 Bryn Mawr Dr
Syracuse, NY 13215

For those geo-cachers out there: 43.011335, -76.177735


Think a circus without the animals, a BBQ with more style, a pizza party for adult kids, a picnic without all the ants (hopefully)! This is going to be the best Circus/BBQ/Pizza Party/Picnic Wedding you've ever been to.

Please wear the fanciest of your casual attire. We're a well suited couple, but we're not a couple that wants suits. Wear something comfortable, if this means jeans, great! If this means slacks a top hat a cane and a bowtie, perfect! Leave your traditions at the door. We have pizza for God's sake! Be prepared to have fun, bring your dance moves and a smile and we'll provide the rest!

*Heels are not recommended as this is a back-yard wedding. Keyword: Yard. Whip out the wedges ladies!


The ceremony will start around 4pm. We invite you to join us for light drinks and a mingle starting at 3pm.

As anyone could've guessed Jarrod's family owned pizza joint, Velasko Pizzeria & Deli, will be the primary caterer. That's right all you out of towners. You've heard us talk about it for 10 years, now is your chance to actually taste the sensation that is sweeping the nation.

Menu will include:
  • Pizza! (vegetarian option will be provided)
  • BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Meatballs
  • Salt Potatoes
  • Salad(s)
  • Beer, Wine and 13.2 Gallons of Arnold Palmer
  • Other things too I bet!

Oh my god I can't wait! I'm getting hungry just typing this!

After dinner the tunes will make your booty want to move so it is recommended that you get up and shake it or else your booty will be upset....we don't want upset booties there. No way. Nuh uh!


There are more than a few hotels in Syracuse to choose from, unfortunately none are within walking distance (nothing is walking distance in Syracuse) to the wedding location. Now we all know you're not a bunch of dummies (what is the internet?) but to make it easier we have compiled a list of a few hotels with some details about them. Feel free to look for yourself, you may be able to find a better deal, this is just some info if you need it.

  • Jefferson Hotel: It is in the heart of downtown and has the best location. Walking distance to shops, restaurants, attractions and Jarrod's favorite music/movie shop ever. We were able to get a corporate rate at $139 down from $279. Contact us directly for details on this but here is the website if you want to see the hotel! (
  • Hotel Skyler: Located in the old "Salt City Theatre" turned Temple turned Hotel Skyler it is active in the growing green movement. It is a short distance to the Syracuse University campus and near some shops including our favorite place to get a milkshake....they are insanely good! It has a free shuttle to/from the airport. We found prices for $139. (
  • The Parkview Hotel: Located just 2 blocks away from Hotel Skyler (and a few buildings down from said milkshake experience) this is another good option. It also has a free shuttle to/from the airport. We found prices for $129 breakfast included. (
  • Maplewood Inn: Definitely the furthest from the event but they have a free shuttle to/from the airport AND to/from the event! It is the most affordable at $103 a night. (
  • Those of you not afraid to get out of the city, Skaneateles is one of the nicest towns/lakes around Syracuse. Some "cool" facts about Skaneateles are: Former President Bill Clinton owns a home here! Tom Cruise was born here! It is home to Jess' favorite fried fish sandwich restaurant Doug's Fish Fry! The very first Dog was was discovered in Skaneateles way back in 1927! Holy cow!
Cars can be found from $25/day pick-up at the airport ( and it is recommended you rent one if coming in from out of town. Syracuse is not a walking city.

  1. BALLOONFEST!!!! What a coinkydink that the balloonfest falls on the same weekend we're getting married! This is an awesome excuse to drink, hang out, and watch (maybe even go on) hundreds of hot air balloons!
  2. Skaneateles Lake! This is one of the cleanest lakes in the country and also one of our favorite lakes in the area. We highly recommend a visit to this area.
  3. Soundgarden! This is rumored to be Jarrod's favorite music/movie shop ever! Feel the excitement!!!!!
  4. Eat! Dinosaur BBQ has great pulled pork sandwiches, great ribs, and awesome sauce. Strong Hearts Cafe is a delicious Vegan (gross) restaurant and has seriously the best milk shakes we've ever had. The "Earth Crisis" milkshake is amazing but then again they all are.
  5. Any guests wanting to stay more than a few days please don't hesitate to contact us for more recommendations.

The Game

The best gift you can give us is to come and join us for our special day. As many of you know we currently live the life of what some people call nomads. Others would call them deadbeats. Potato Potahto. But if you would like to give us a gift please consider playing our game!

As the Wu-Tang clan famously said "Cash Rules Everything Around Me. C.R.E.A.M! Get the money, dolla dolla bill y'all." While we don't live by really anything the Wu-Tangers said, they do make a good point and we have made that good point into a good game...with a point!

There will be three boxes, each labeled with a destination. Place your card/gift in the box of your choice. By placing your card/gift/gems in one of the three labeled boxes, you will be casting your vote on where we will go for our honeymoon. The "winning box" will be the box with the most gifts/cards!

Things you will need for this game: money, checkbook, silver, gold teeth, precious stones, prosthetic limbs etc.

*Please note we do not have a registry.


Please RSVP OMG ASAP to no later than June 8th. We really only need a quick "I love you guys of course I'll be coming!" Or a "Sorry I hate you two and won't be coming because I'm a jerk butt." Also please let us know if you'll be bringing a date. No postage necessary. But wouldn't it be weird if you DID include postage! On an email?! What the?

xo J&j

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